The Key to Why Locksmiths Need Websites

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Those with insurance amenities such as complimentary key retrieval from a locked car are fortunate. However, the majority of those people make the choice to invest in such services after an incident of being stranded, locked out of their house or automobile after accidentally locking their keys inside. A decade ago that situation would have resulted in finding a pay phone, dialing up 411 for information services, and asking for the name and telephone number of the nearest locksmith. However, members of today’s society can dial up Google on their smartphone or tablet device and find the same information, even visiting the website of the locksmith to get an idea of their credibility and prices.

Using Website Features to Help Stop Scammers and Establish Credibility

Scammers use things like Google+ to try to take money from unsuspecting customers. However, a reputable locksmith with a website can offer information through features to both legitimize the credibility of their business and boost their overall reputation.

CUSTOMER FEEDBACK – One of these features is customer feedback in the form of written reviews or video testimonials. While written feedback is sometimes challenged for its authenticity, video testimonials are more difficult to fake. Because they’re usually recorded when people are happy with the services of the locksmith, they’re infectious and will encourage others to try his services as well.

ABOUT US – Another useful feature is the “About Us” page, which gives the pertinent information about the locksmith company. Some of these informational tidbits include information about whether or not the company is bonded and insured, whether they offer 24-hour locksmith services and any special certifications they’ve received. They could also offer useful facts and trivia about the locksmith industry, such as the fact that historically a locksmith was responsible for creating the entire lock by hand cutting the metal for both the lock and the key for an exact fit.

BLOG and NEWSLETTER – A blog is not only a way to offer news and tips, but it is also a way to continually add fresh information to the website without making continual changes to the main content. When fresh content that uses current SEO techniques is added on a regular basis, search engines like Google and Bing are more likely to list the website at a higher ranking within the search results. Alternatively, offering a feature that allows visitors to sign up for a newsletter allows locksmiths to share marketing tips and news related to that industry. This embeds that locksmith’s brand into the recipient’s mind which goes a long way towards boosting sales.

All of these features help add credibility to the brand of a locksmith. However, the brand is more than the logo and name that the locksmith does business under. Branding is the overall process required for creating a unique identity behind the logo and name of a business, and is achieved through a variety of marketing and advertising campaigns – including having a website and joining social networks. Think of the brand as the personality and reputation behind the business.

Additional Benefits of Websites for Locksmiths

One primary benefit of having a website is that it’s available to give information, answer frequently asked questions, and offer testimonials and reviews from past customers regardless of either the day of the week or the time of day. Most small businesses, like locksmiths, are unable to keep someone on call twenty-four hours per day, seven days each week to answer questions from potential clients. But the website can do that via features such as survey forms and contact information for emergency services.

Another benefit is that websites are inexpensive. The initial requirements such as getting a personal domain name that suits the company and finding a web host to ensure that the content of the website will be seen anywhere across the globe via the World Wide Web might initially seem like more trouble than it’s worth. However, it’s worth every last bit of hassle – even for a locksmith. When a customer types in the name of the business, Google, Bing, or another search engine will be more likely to list that business within the ranks if it has its own domain name.

Perhaps one of the largest financial benefits is the money the business saves by having a website. Websites eliminate the need for print ads altogether. Converting print advertising into a webpage also saves money. Each time someone visits the webpage is one less direct mailing the company had to print and pay for, which saves the company in the area of its advertising and marketing budget.

Having a website is like having a full-time employee who acts as an administrative assistant. For locksmiths, especially if they work alone, a proper website could bring in new growth and send sales skyrocketing. With the website there to give a stellar first impression of the locksmith and the products or services that business provides, it allows the locksmith himself to spend less time answering the same questions over and over again, and more time on the things that count, like spending time with family.

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