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The Pool Room - Dawsonville, GeorgiaLooking for the menu? Scroll down.

It didn’t take long for this Mississippi boy to learn about the Dawsonville Pool Room. And it was about time I heard of it too… it had already been visited by famous comedian Larry the Cable Guy while he was filming art of his “Only in America” special for the History Chanel.

Owned by Gordon Pirkle, the Dawsonville Pool Room is home to some good food, but they are probably most known for their “Bully Burger”. The story of the Bully Burger is pretty funny actually. I’ll let you hear it the way the Pool Room tells it themselves.

The Story of the “Bully Burger”

Bully Thurmond

The World famous Bully Burger is named for Bully Thurmond, now deceased, who was a long-time employee of the Pool Room. Years ago, Bully was the only employee at the Pool Room during lunch time. Customers came in and gave Bully their orders. But Bully never wrote anything down – he kept the orders in his head, which was fine, as long as he didn’t have many orders to remember. If there was a rush, Bully would forget the orders and would fix them his way – slaw, onion, mustard, ketchup, and pickles. So when the customers would see that Bully was busy, they would say, “Give me a Bully Burger. We’re going to get it your way anyway.” The Bully Burger was born. Although Bully has been gone a long time, there will always be a Bully Burger served at the Pool Room.

One of the unique things about this restaurant is its NASCAR memorabilia from Bill Elliott’s career – fitting since Dawsonville is considered by many to be the “birthplace of NASCAR.” The Pool Room even does catering.

So how was my visit? It was pretty good. I or course got the Bully Burger. Then I got an order of cheese sticks, though I hear their fries are really good too. (Update: I have made a return visit and their fresh cut fries are delicious!)

So while you are cruising around Dawsonville, give the Pool Room a go! Their menu is below. Currently, the Pool Room doesn’t have a Dawsonville business website, so I have posted their menu below.

Pool Room Menu – Dawsonville, GA

Click picture for the full sized menu. Check out their facebook page.

101 East 1st St
Dawsonville, GA 30534

What do you order when you go to the Pool Room? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Jesse Sturgill
    Jesse Sturgill Posted on January 9, 2014 at 5:49 pm

    I remember this place growing up! I’d always read the visitors book that people sign. The Bully Burger has pretty much ruined every burger I’ve had. Its THAT good!

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