Website Design For Comic Book Stores: Growing Their Business

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Comic Book Store Owners can grow their business in 2 major ways by developing their site. This Website Design For Comic Book Stores article will show them exactly how this can be done.  They will learn everything that they need to know in a clear and detailed manner.

Those 2 ways to grow their graphic novel shops are:

  • By Generating more sales (from new and existing customers) for their Offline (Physical) Shop.
  • By Building a complementary Online Store.

A well-designed website can provide value to both their existing customers and to their new ones. That way they can reach 2 separate segments of their market. They can do so by creating a single customized website and thus get a reduced combined price. They will be catering, in a personalized way, for both their actual and potential clients with a single website (no need to create 2 sites – hence the savings in cost).

Website Design For Comic Book Stores: Westfield Comics Is Loved By Existing & Potential Customers

Website Design For Comic Book Stores: Westfield Comics Is Loved By Existing & Potential Customers

Growing Their Present Brick & Mortar Business Through Website Design

There is a clear distinction between an Offline (Physical) Comic Book Store and an Online Store. The Physical Shop is located in the brick and mortar world, i.e. in the real world, where comic strip enthusiasts can physically come and go.

How Can A Website Help A Comic Book Store Owner Increase His Offline Store’s Sales?

There are 2 ways that this can happen:

  • Get More Customers.
  • Provide Great Value to Existing Customers and thus they will buy more.

Get More Customers

Comic Book lovers roam the Internet just like most people in the world today. They visit websites for their favorite comic strips, they congregate with like-minded people on forums and they use Search engines to look for Comic Strip Stores.

After designing their website, Store Owners can reach then them in the following ways:

  • Through Search Engines
  • By Putting Advertisements on Comic Strip (and Manga) Sites and Forums

Moreover, by providing quality Comic news and articles on their site, they can lure readers. A percentage of those readers will eventually visit their Physical Store and buy their comic books.

Potential graphic novel customers will be very interested in the shop’s Opening & Closing Hours, the Contact information and a Sitemap to the store (if it is difficult to find).

Provide Great Value To Existing Customers

Everybody knows that a “bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.” So it is better to have one actual customer and take care of him, than it is to spend a lot of money to get two more customers.  Of course, if a new customer can be acquired at a low cost – with a website, e.g. – then it this is great news.

It is also important to provide further value to the existing customers since they are likely to buy more in the future. Thus a Comic Book Dealer has to ask himself this simple question: “How can I use my future website to give a great experience to my existing customers?”

This article will help answer that question. In fact providing greater value to the existing customer means that the potential customer will also benefit. A good website design for comic book stores is like hitting 2 targets with a single arrow:  both of them will be very happy.

Features That Both Existing And Potential Comic Book Customers Want To See On A Comic Book Store Website

There are some common things that any Comic Book fan, whether he likes Spiderman or Captain American, wants to see on a website.

  • Comic Books Available In The Store
    • Showing the books and magazines available will greatly improve the shopping experience of the customers. They can view the items from their home and make an informed decision when they go to the store – this will save them time.
  • New Additions To Store
    • Updating the stock available will mean that the customer will know of the new arrivals and thus he won’t have to visit the dealer just to check the new items. Once the comic he wants is available, he can then shop for it quickly.
  • Reviews Of New Comic Books
    • Reviews are an interesting service since it helps buyers maker their mind.
  • Provide A Blog With Regular News
    • A blog can provide the site visitors with regular news about new releases and general Comic Book information.
  • Promotions
    • Offering promotions from time to time is a Win/Win solution for both the Comic Book Store (Get more customers) & the Client (Get a low price).
  • Valuable Links To Comic Book Resources – Online & Offline
    • Helping the visitors find valuable comic book resources will only enhance their experience (on the site). As a result the website’s own importance (for the visitors) will increase.
  • Provide A Forum
    • Reading about their favorite Comic Book Heroes and self-identifying with them is a passion for most readers. Sharing this with others on a forum is what many readers aspire to.
The Comic Book Store: Great Web Design

The Comic Book Store: Is this great web design?

Website Design For Comic Book Stores: Building An Online Shop

The Online Store is a virtual store that exists only on the Internet. Building one can provide the Comic Book Stores owners with a valuable source of income. That way they can reach to millions of potential customers worldwide. They can sell hard copies (which they then have to mail) or digitalized versions of the Comic Books (Marvel, DC and others). Sometimes visitors can pay a subscription fee and get access to a large quantity of online comic books for free.

Comic Book Shops now have a good idea how they can grow their sales figures after having read this Website Design For Comic Book Stores article.

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